Wing Commander Arena Media Round-Up #1 (February 23, 2007)

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Here's a collection of major news sites' articles on the Wing Commander Arena announcement... the buzz seems very positive, and the news has certainly spread very quickly! If you have any you would like to add, please contact us or post to the new Message Board.
And just to be complete, here's a collection of articles about the ESRB 'rumor' from the day before:
  • Pro-G - Wing Commander Franchise Rebortn on Xbox 360?
  • CVG Online - Wing Commander Jetting to XBLA?
  • Boomtown - Wing Commander Coming to X360?
  • - Wing Commander Returning
  • Eurogamer - Wing Commander On 360
  • Guardian Unlimited - Wing Commander Returning on XBox 360?
  • TeamXbox - ESRB Reveals New Xbox Live Arcade Games
  • Fagland - Wing Commander Preparing a Comeback?
  • Video Game Blogger - Wing Commander Arena rated for Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Fanboy - Wing Commander Coming to 360?
  • - All-new Wing Commander Coming to XBox360
  • Siliconera - Wing Commander... Revived on the 360?
  • Joystiq - EA Resurrecting Wing Commander on Xbox 360?
  • XBLArcade - Wing Commander on the Arcade?
  • Blongo - Wing Commander Arena Naar Xbox 360?

Original update published on February 23, 2007
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Victory, you say?
And that's just for starters. Things are really looking up, and not in the way Tolwyn was talking about on the WC3 intro.


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We were talking earlier about how the people who make games today and the people who work for those gaming news sites now are the same people who grew up with the Wing Commander series as early teens and 20somethings. It might seem like a lot of the current modern internet population doesn't know what Wing Commander is, but pretty much everyone behind those articles above was into it at one time or another.