Who would win out of these Sci-Fi stories

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Happy Camper

Who do you think would win if several of the sci fis had a big fight.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Wing Commander vs. Star Trek
Wing Commander vs. Star Wars
R2D2 vs. a Dalek
The Daleks vs. the Borg
J.C. Denton vs. Gordon Freeman
Doctor Who vs. Yoda


These are really stupid arguments. For example, how can one compare the Star Trek universe (which originally, at least, attempted to be somewhat scientifically accurate), with the magical Star Wars universe where power generation numbers are magnitudes higher than any power in the known universe?

Similarly, how can anyone compare the technological universe of Wing Commander to Star Trek? Each universe presupposes certain things about the nature of the universe and thus technology. If the two were combined, then the presupositions of one universe must work in the other. Which means that the technology of both sides would harmonize around those suppositions.

A great big waste of time is all that these arguments are.


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