What's Bradshaw's call sign?

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Yeah... we should be clear here: "Frosty" was Maestro teasing Casey -- it was never intended to be his definitive callsign.

I'm harping on this because it's the opposite of what happened with Blair... they came up with 'Maverick' early on, used it internally for years and then made it completely official slowly. In this case there was never any sort of behind-the-screens choice for 'Frosty' as the callsign... it's all a pickup by fans.


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Also, does anybody know what Lance Casey’s call sign is? In the game they simply call him Casey, and I think having the same call sign and surname is just dumb – Lance “Casey” Casey.

They aren't using "Casey" as a callsign, just as his name. Soldiers often just call those of the same rank or lower by their last name, since that is the only name displayed on the uniform. (it isn't unusal to not know the first names of the Soldiers that you serve with)


True, but in WC2 Col. Devereaux was referred to as "Angel" plenty of times

Maybe Blair just got really picky about getting called by his rank for a while. ^^ Would sort of fit with him being sort of harsh on the Victory pilots at the start.