Whatever happened to Frontier Prelude to Darkness


Seriously what happened to this webseries??? I kept checking back for episode 13 for a while, maybe a month / 2 mos ago and now the series is gone from youtube, ardament.com is offline, searches for the series or creator reveal up to episode 11 archived places, but no information. Anyone know what happened?


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Looks like it was taken down deliberately. The twitter account is still there, but no activity since april. Everything else is gone. There's a contact email on the domain registration if you really want to ask what happened.


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an i thought i was the only one watcing this...thanks for posting...i too dont know what happened...i heard the same as YoungBlood..remaking early episodes into HD and then possibly a DVD...i wil lkeep digging and let you know what i find but for now..nothing new...


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IT's possible he signed a deal with some production/distribution company for the completed series... which might have required him to remove the online version... Not sure why he would have gome silent though


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I was also a fan of this, but after it stopped appearing on the WCNews feed, I stopped paying attention to any new releases. I didn't know it got totally shut down. I really liked it, too.


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Hi you guys, wow! I'm really humbled that this was missed! Such a long story with Frontier, and a little bit of a sad one too! I feel I may have made a few errors in judgement and let a few fans down which totally sucks! And I'm very very sorry.
March 2012 I was approached by an ex-weta animator who had some money and wanted to make Frontier into something bigger than it was, I was thrilled! So that's what we started doing and all seemed to go pretty well at first, however some things were done, such as taking down the original channel and ceasing production on the original web-series in order to work fully on this new incarnation.
About halfway through, things changed a little with the dynamic of the production, ownership of the company was changed from 50/50 to 60/40 making me a minority, which sort've cancelled me out somewhat, at the time I felt it was justified as the person I was working with had plunged around $30,000 into the project and wanted a secure return on his investment, so I thought fair enough. However the rights to Frontier had changed from being owned by me to being owned by the company (of which I was now a minority share holder), so long story short - silly me.
We created a seventeen minute pilot episode for what was now called Frontier The Rising Shadow, and released it at the Auckland Armageddon Expo in October 2012, the person I was working with who also was Producer then I assume sought investors, however nothing materialized and he has now since moved onto other things. Which sort've leaves Frontier dead in the water - which totally sucks and for that I'm hugely sorry to the fans :(
I do however have plans for another sci-fi web series which I plan on making in the coming years (not really a big comfort, I know)
So my reasons for going dark were that during the production I was flat out 24/7 busy and then after things went a little pair shaped, I got sci-fi burned out. :(
Since October 2012 up until now I have been working on another webseries, its still animated, this time all CG, but it isn't sci-fi :( its a horror called the Arksville Homicides, facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/arksville
There's alot I would do differently a second time around with a sci fi series, alot of changes for the better!



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Hey folks! I got a vid, not sure if its you Frontier followers thing, because its horror now, but have a nosy and let me know your thoughts!