Welcome Aboard Lillianna! (October 11, 2018)

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Long Live the Confederation!
We'd like to congratulate Wing Commander CIC founder Chris Reid and his wife Lacey Reid on the birth of their second daughter Lillianna Jane. Since Wing Commander fans love specifications, Lillianna was born this morning at 5:07 am Seattle time, her length is 19.7 inches and her mass was 6 pounds 15 ounces. Her yaw, pitch and roll are 70, 75 and 70 degrees per second respectively and her matter/anti-matter engine is capable of converting spaceborne hydrogen into nearly unlimited afterburner fuel. Congratulations on number two, Chris and Lacey; everyone on the CIC team loves you both and is very happy to know you're raising our next generation of space heroes!

Original update published on October 11, 2018


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These stats are way too OP. With a toddler of such a magnitude, how are we supposed to believe the Kilrathi survived that long? I’ll admit however that she is gorgeous? Who textured her?


Félicitations !


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Congratulations! Chris!
Now you gonna continue the game with Dual Girls? Ohhh man it's quiet a punch. Good luck from all the CIC fathers out there.:)


Bit early for those maneuverability ratings - certainly hope those weren't actual numbers from field testing before she rolled off the line...
I'd also be exceptionally concerned about "unlimited afterburner fuel", though my personal experience is with boys instead of girls; I don't really know how the two compare...

In all seriousness, congratulations.


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I don't really know how the two compare....

I have both kinds on my arsenal and I've done extended field testing on both. Let me put it that way...

A boy starts as a Scimitar and can become a Raptor at its Zenith. A girl, on the other way, starts as an Epee and can become a Lance all the way!
Now two girls, Defiance is more experienced than me but if my imagination could even reach his situation well they should be a Black Lance Squadron at least.


Three boys here. I'm treated to the sounds of ritual sacrifice in the morning Sivar-Eshrad ceremony every day. At least, that's how it would sound if it involved finding matching pairs of shoes...


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Mazel Tov! See, Who says video game nerds can't get (wait, what? Inappropriate comment? Oh, ok).


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A bit late as always but: my sincerest congratulations to the happy family! And a long and happy life for Lillianna Jane!