WC4 Movie (German) 1080p


Rear Admiral
After such a long time, I just realize how bad the german syncronisation is, compared to the original ;)


Rear Admiral
Jup. I prefer the original in many games. Like X-Wing, TIE Fighter and Freespace - the german voice was very low. In US more intensiv. Thats why I buy US-Versions and not the German Versions.
I love Steam, because I can play all the games in many languages.


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Ah, the times when game companies invested in big-cast translation and synchronization efforts...
By the way, it lacks all flight scenes, other than Queeg's movie project. But even so, it's incredibly long - and a nice dive into the past.


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Well, the German Version of X-Wing did have some good voice actors (except the one of General Dodonna) but what I find a little annoying is that some words are mispronounced.
X-Wing Alliance has superb German voices. Some people even think that they are better than the English ones.

You know, now that I see this video, I think it would certainly be interesting to have all original camera negatives of WC4 and WC5 scanned in 1080p or higher. I have lots of fun watching movies in 1080p and having a closer look at the sets, the clothes and so on. (maybe a WC costume club a la 501st Legion would be cool :D )
But these are just thoughts and I doubt that EA would do that or that they'll allow anyone else to do that.