WC3 Premiere Edition on eBay

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Origin Audio CD Vol. 3 was included in all versions of the Premiere Edition. This is a pretty lousy example, in my opinion. The sad truth for everyone holding on to these is that they're actually one of the most common Wing Commander games... because while EA only made 10,000 (+ thousands more of the Sam's Club edition) a much, much higher percentage of people who bought those 10k copies saved them as collectibles. It's the comic book market all over again... once you start publishing things INTENDED to be saved they stop having the value of the earlier examples where fewer survive because they were all used.


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I've always wanted a WC3 Premiere edition, I can't recall if they were even sold in the UK but I've only ever owned the big box copy, and the EA classics copy and due to poor roof insulation - both of these are in bad states of repair. Since this guy ships internationally, I might just grab this.

Although if it's lacking the T-Shirt and soundtrack, doesn't look like I'd get much more than I already have (other than that bitchin' canister case, a poster and a behind the scenes CD).