WC3 Intro a Game Star (July 30, 2011)


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German gaming website GameStar has run an article about the best video game intros of the '90s. Among the list are games like Strike Commander, Command and Conquer, and, of course, Wing Commander 3, with Privateer 2 getting an honorable mention. Here's the Google Translation:
Actually you could put every intro from a Wing Commander game on this list - especially the intro to Privateer 2 with Clive Owen in the lead role. But we have opted for Wing Commander 3, since it was revolutionary when it came out it 1994. Real actors in front of rendered backgrounds! And then even Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker, the actor in the role of Christopher Blair. Malcolm McDowell as Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn, Jason Bernard as Captain William Eisen and Tom Wilson as nuisance Todd Marshall. Only the Kilrathi costumes were not well received by many players.

That's an odd comment about the Kilrathi costumes. Wing Commander 3's Kilrathi have won all polls where we've asked for fans' favorite.

Original update published on July 30, 2011
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Alex Von T.
definitely of all the live action kilrathi. I'll always like the wc2 animated kilrathi though.