WC3 installation problems

I'm trying to put wc3 on my laptop that has windows xp. I installed DOSBOX and follow the steps on wcnews.com, but whe I get to step four and type in:

mount d: d:\ -t cdrom

I get the following falure message:

Falure: Drive-letters of multiple CDRom-drives have to be continuous.

I don't even know what this means, let alone fix it. Does anyone know what to do?


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It sounds like the mounting lines might be slightly off. Are you mounting any other drives other than your harddrive and CD-ROM? If you are mounting more than one CD-ROM then as it says the drive letters need to be continuous or consecutive.

If you can paste your mounting lines (all of them) here I could tell for sure if that's the issue.


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Take out the colon after the first d - you are specifying what drive letter to use, not specifying a path.