WC3/4/Prophecy Sound FX


Anybody know how to extract sounds from the WC3/4/Prophecy tre files?

I'm looking for certain sounds like capital ship engine rumbling, Confed fighter engine sounds, Kilrathi fighter engine sounds, stuff like that.

I'd like to do all the extracting myself but I don't have the software or know how to do it. Does anybody else know?


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hcl's site definitely has an audio extractor, that he worked on similar time to movie extractor, dunno about 3 and 4, i imagine treman wud be needed and then something like goldwave to convert the raw data (assuming its in that) i dont know, but the best bet is to investigate hcls site for info on extraction and see what he says, i know he had a few articles up about the various compression methods.

the site is