WC2 SO1 bug in mission ?


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Hi everyone ! (Please don't quote this just to answer "Hi Dr Nick !" :p )

I've recently started the WC saga from the beginning, and after succesfully finishing WC1 + SM1 & 2, I went on and played WC2.

Right now, I'm stuck with one of the final missions, called "Ghorah Khar 2-B" in your game guide. (HERE is the link to the game guide in case you don't remember which one it is)
I launch, destroy the fighters, take on the Fralthra and nuke it.
Then, I engage the autopilot, but end up at the next Nav point on the mission flight path, which happens to be... Olympus !
No more furballs to waste, just the station. I tried to follow the mission manually, go to the jump point, jump, there's a small cutscene where I pick up an ejected Kilrathi, then go on to assist the Bonnie Heather and that's it, nothing more happens. I can't land on the station, Paladin doesn't tell me anything, I'm stuck in space with good ol' Hobbes.

Anybody has a suggestion ? Could it be a bug ?

Almost forgot : this is the Kilrathi Saga I'm talking about, not the DOS version...
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You have to manually dock with the Bonnie Heather - which is done the exact same way you land: request docking clearance via the comm screen, and move to within a certain range.


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Gosh I feel embarassed :eek:
Thank you for the info, I really hadn't thought of that ...

Could a moderator have mercy and delete this post please ? :p