WC Mod for Sins of a Solar Empire (Rebellion) POC


Hi guys

I've often visited this site over the last few years as I've been an avid Wing Commander fan since I first had my Amiga back in the early 90s.

I've been playing a lot of Sins of a Solar Empire and I've been inspired by both the great mods that are available for the game, but also for the HW mod which has been released here. So I'm starting to try my hand at modding SoaSE. I'm a software developer by trade so I've quite quickly got to grips with the config files but the modelling side is still a bit of a dark art to me. I'm starting small, just looking at bringing the Arrow into the game, and have started with the Arrow from SolSector. Does anyone have any experience with modelling for SoaSE or just modelling in general that would be able to help me convert just this one fighter please? If I can at least get this part working then I'll start giving some thought about how the rest of the mod might work.

Thanks in advance for any help





Try contacting @DefianceIndustries I might be wrong by I think they give out their models, so most of what you would have to do is convert and import.

you should give @L.I.F. a shout they can ceratinly give you a bit of advice about the general modding project.

And welcomes to the forum, I know from experience that it is better than being a lurker.



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Heh, I'd first suggest seeing with SoaSE modders what are the specifics of the 3D files for the game and whether there are official or community programs to help you with those. Getting a hang of what tools are available is usually a good first step.


Thanks for the advice guys. I've got a number of tools which have been suggested by SoaSE modders, I just need to get to grips with them in order to produce the mesh file that the game needs. I've contacted DefianceIndustries so I'll see what they come back with.



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Hey sorry I've been out of circulation for a bit. I saw your profile post as well. I can provide files in .obj or .dae which are likely the most common formats for modders. if the tools need anything specific done at conversion, like options checked for export aka: fully triangulate (which is almost a default) I'd need to know that too.