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Yup, slightly digressing, but to answer your question:
I think PDZ offered some interesting online multiplayer modes. And though the graphics were certainly better than the standard fare (mostly due to higher resolutions), it certainly left a lot to be desired on the Single Player front, and it did get quite boring quite fast (even online). I also think it suffered from high expectations, as the first game was a much-loved icon and one of a select few fine gems the N64 had to offer. All in all I thought it was an average game, I think the lack of motion (character-wise) was a deisgn decision that didn't work as well as the game designers probably thought would.


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You're also the only person I've ever seen who's also played History Channel's Civil War...

Wierdly enough, they had a zillion coppies of it here for PC at the local walmart... As if somehow there are a lot of closet civil war buffs In rural Canada. (Well, maybe there is? There are a bunch of 'Nam era draftdodgers around here)


Actually, I'm a bit ashamed I never finsihed it (borrowed it off a friend of mine, been meaning to buy it since, but been increasingly busy).
Honestly, I thought it would've been a joke of a game, but I found it surprisingly fresh (who would've thought reloading musket guns would create such tension? [virtually - I'm sure it was real nightmare for soldiers way back when]).