WC: Arena - A New Golden Age For Fans


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It's been just short of a decade but here we are again. Wing Commander has long been my favorite gaming series, and I can't wait to see a new generation of gamers find out our long established history.

Not only is this a new game - but will further the series by bringing player against player. While this had been done in Armada and later by an amazing patch for Prophecy - this is the first time it's done on a console. X-Box Live is an exciting and wonderful experience with the "old hands" at the CIC; that alone is worth buying the system.

Post here about what you hope to see from Arena and from WC in the future.

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I'm full of hope, but I'm pretty darned busy taking care of the news right now -- I just wanted to see my GamerTag...


Well, graphics looks great

But It is arcade plus flying using a gamepad would be a new experience for me (never played psp version of the series) However, after this long, I would give it a try for sure...


I'm just looking forward to getting to play with and against all of you guys. Good times ahead! :D


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The logo is freakin awesome. Who expected to wake up and see that classic logo officially redone in such an amazing way?


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I was just wondering, about this new game and all...

is XBox Live Arcade available outside the US? Or at least in Asia?



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Well, I think there's an XBox Live service in Singapore.

But for my country of origin, it's simply wishful thinking trying to play XBox Live, online.



First of all, it's amazing they're finally doing another WC game. We all have waited for this to happen... it is fantastic.

But than, I don't know yet if this game is right for an old style WC pilot like me... For me, the amazing stories and the lovable characters belonged to WC as much as the spaceflight... No story in this one at all... still, it looks great. Well, just have to wait how this games turnes out...


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Arena looks like a nice little game. It feels great when Im on ign or gamespot and I see Wing Commander as an upcoming title - its a new experience (and one I hope to see a lot more of in the future).

Im surprised EA havn't released a dvd rom compilation for the pc yet. Id still love to see that happen


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Im surprised EA havn't released a dvd rom compilation for the pc yet. Id still love to see that happen

Arena is exactly the kind of project that they're watching to see if doing a DVD-ROM release is a good idea for EA.