Video Combines the Best of Both Worlds (November 21, 2012)


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Our recent stories have been heavily focused on Star Citizen as Chris Roberts' crowdfunding campaign wound down, but there's plenty more Wing Commander news on the horizon! As we transition back into more of that, here's a neat video that nicely combines the two. Thomas Pasligh has taken footage from the original Squadron 42 announcement trailer and paired familiar scenes with classic Wing Commander music. The result is pretty sweet!

This is the beloved Wing Commander 1 soundtrack with some Star Citizen footage.

Original update published on November 21, 2012
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Awesome, though I would have tweaked the instruments in the original score a bit if i had the tools at hand.


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That was a very well done video, made me all nostalgic for WC1. I think I just may play some WC1 now. Well done Mr. Pasligh!