VERY Frustrating WC3 Problem


Basically, I was tired of using the Keyboard(And hence having horrid handling, it would take over a minute to do a 360), so I calibrated my Joystick and kept going. Only problem is, my mouse is now acting up. It's a struggle just to click on the killboard. It hugs the bottom right of the screen for seemingly no reason. I can't use the keyboard alone to select things, and this is costing me Many, many missions(I get stuck in the Lift, or in the Loadout screen, or whatever). I'm VERY tired of this. Any ideas on how to fix it?

If it helps, my Stick is a Saitek X45.


Sounds like you need to clean the rollers inside your mouse. Mice that have that rubber ball in the bottom that turns the rollers to read the mouse movement tend to get dirt inside them after a few months of use. Remove the panel holding the ball inside, and remove the ball to uncover the rollers. The rollers very well may be covered in gunk, which jams them.
Try moving your joystick around. When I played WC3, my stick was a real attention-hog... Thank the Lloyd for the calibration-sliders on the side!

Brief explanation: In addition to being used as a, well, joystick in-mission, the stick also seems to control the cursor-movement when you're not whacking cats.


I have an optical mouse. What do you think I am, an Old man Flying a Wheelchair? :p

I can use my stick for movement on Deck, but Sometimes it doesnt matter anyway. And it happens on some decks more than others.(IE ALWAYS Living Level, just about never Bridge.


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The problem you're experiencing has nothing to do with the mouse... it's to do with the joystick.

What you'll need to do is download the joystick patch for WC3. I had this problem myself... once I applied the patch, everything cleared up.

At least, that's how it happened for me. ;)

I think this is the one:

It's apparently for the thrustmaster, but I use a (very old) CH Flightstick Pro, and it cleared right up. I think.

Let me know if it works - it's been a while, so it may have been another file that I used.