Update 20031119


To all assisting with testing the work done so far, there is a new test mod up on Tolwyn's site for download. This one contains pretty much every ship that will go into the first beta release, but not all of them have been integrated into the NPC ship sets yet. Some have, but not all.

We have also done some work on changing the ship speeds to match the WC specs for the ships, and we are starting the work on altering the use of the hardpoints to more accurately reflect the way the WC mounts worked.

While I don't speak for the entire team, I can say that we will probably enter a consolidation phase now. Get the ships right, finalise their full integration into the game and then release a beta. I think some of the mod work we are doing is quite exciting and I hope to see a beta out there soon.

Testers should note there are still issues. To date mines have not been integrated into the torpedo slots like the missles, so if there is no mine hardpoint you cannot mount them. Tests should focus on agility and speed so that we can get the balance right, and any deviations from the specs should be pointed out so that we can get them sorted. We are waiting to get the hardpoints finalised on several ships before we integrate them into the NPC configs as it will save a lot of work.

Don't worry too much about faction assignments for now (eg: Xenos flying Epees and Hornets) as some of the integrations are more proof of concept than anything else.

Any feedback on the test mod is welcome so that we can iron out the details prior to any public release. Details of the ships should be in the readme file for those who are interested.

Good Luck Out There.