Twins Review Wing Commander (November 14, 2015)


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Hey there wonderful Wingnuts! It is the weekend, and I may or may not have had a little to drink this fine evening, so I'm going to just leave this ridiculous Wing Commader Movie review here for you to enjoy or not enjoy at your leisure. Long live the Confederation!

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Original update published on November 14, 2015
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Hehe this is so wierd.... Their explanation of the Pilgrims is pretty hilarious, but it was a bit off putting to watch one of them constantly chew on her fingernails.

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Well Chris. I'd like to be the first to thank you for posting this. In all my years of watching various video style revies of all sorts of films this has to be the worst one I've seen yet. The sheer ignorance and, at this point I do appologise to anyone who may find this to be out of my character, stupidity shown by these twins would confound anyone who tried to think this was anything but a wasted video. Makes you wonder as well who the two numb nuts were who "liked" the video (unless you are actually allowed to rate your own videos on you tube), as I couldn't see any self respected user of this forum/website who would find any information stated in said video to be of any practical use.

On a more personal note, and I may come under some fire from some here, I have always thoroughly enjoyed the movie the many times I've watched it (I'm just glad they actually got a coupleof character names correct).


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I found it fascinating though what they did find worthwhile to complain about. What I gathered was that they didn't like that the strong female lead wasn't likeable enough, they found the pilgrim story confusing, disliked another plot point that many wingnuts also complain about (the failure to save rosie and the never-existed stuff) as well as didn't think the effects were that great. On the other hand they liked Freddy Prinze Jr.... Also, I can't say I've ever heard of anyone complaining about the size of the Pilgrim Cross before.


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Nobody noticed that they called Paladin "this Russian guy" around 2:25?

Well I guess they thought if he doesn't sound like them he must be Russian!


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Dude Chris you must have been drunk! Lol! Funniest share ever on here.

Hey, even Wing Commander 3 has a drunk mission. :confused:

And if you wanted to see more, they have a review of Starship Troopers too! (They kind of stutter on the title, because the one girl always confuses it with Super Troopers. They also keep calling Denise Richards Brooke Shields.)



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At least they seemed to have genuine fun. And every time from now when I'll watch Rosie's death scene I will hear those voices in the background...


To be fair though I'm not a big fan of the movie at all and I'm a huge wing commander fan. So I can't expect two young girls who havr never heard of wing commander to really enjoy it.