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We noticed that last night on IRC -- amazingly, LeHah eventually did get that WC1 music CD made.


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Actually, that link brings up another good point - namely the 11 armada maps - does the game not make them randomly? (i never really thought about this before, nor played a game for so long that i noticed repeats).


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I was actually making fun of myself in that post. LOAF has explained to me what IRC is at least twice in the past and I have yet to actually get on and try it out...

I'll get there, eventually. When the internet is no longer relevant.

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It's the CIC turing test- you just failed. Please click the "X" icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to collect your prize...


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it's not actually a dual thread, its just an artifact of using a single core pc to read a dual core forum.


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!CRI niaga mynorca ynnuf taht s'ereht. !?em ot gnineppah s'tahw tiaw



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so are there only 11 rounds in campaign mode?

That's correct. After eleven sectors, you've crossed the galaxy from Earth to Kilrah (or vice versa) in the Campaign. After that you get a special cutscene of the enemy's homeworld being blown up.