Think Positive Thoughts For LOAF (July 17, 2016)


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We've got a bit of unfortunate news to share today. CIC co-founder Ben 'Bandit (LOAF)' Lesnick came down with an infection earlier this weekend that was serious enough to warrant a hospital stay. While things are improving, he'll still need to be there for a few days yet as everything gets taken care of. Many fellow fans have already reached out, and all the support is a big help!

Hey everyone! Not quite up to tweeting, but wanted to thank you all for the love. Got a bit of a road ahead, but I can do it. Love you all.

Original update published on July 17, 2016
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After seeing the news on Reddit, this was the first place I came to offer my well-wishes.

And I see BanditLOAF has been browsing here! Get some rest, Ben!


Hey Loaf. I'm glad u are recovering. I wish you a speedy recovery my friend. Please take care and get well soon. Our community will be cheering you on from all across the world Ben. U got this!


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To the resident Wing Commander walking encyclopedia and possibly the most knowledgeable Wing Commander enthusiast on Earth; get well soon.

...and I only saw this after making a new thread about ship designs and feel kinda bad now.


Saw the news on Twitter - LOAF, best wishes and hope for not having to eat hospital food for too long. Get well soon.


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A picture from Sandi today for those who don't follow her on Twitter. It's great to see LOAF smiling again!