The REAL Mace Missile


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I would agree the theory and concept of using matter and anitmatter maybe more dangerous than all the nuclear armnants may combine.

but then given of technology today with those bunker busters and smart bombs, I would agree that no one is safe anymore unless you have a deep underground bunker beneath the earths crust.....which I doubt unlikely


d3r3k said:
I just don't get weapons like that. They seem utterly wasteful. Nuclear-tipped torpedoes...Why?

contaminate a port by launching the torpedo into the docks
in teh 50s nukes were seen as the answer to everything. Saw a History Channel show once, there were discussions of using nukes as construction tools when building highways in mountainous areas


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The radioactive mess left by a nuke wasn't really a concern back then, though, only accuracy and sheer numbers of Soviet hardware (as crappy as it was later shown to be).


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Dahan said:
The age of nuclear warheads is long gone isn't it?
Arent they developing different and more dangerous weapons that a bunch of nuclear missiles and all?
I am sure there are other weapons more dangerous than nuclear weapons
The age of tactical nuclear weapons is over (for now?), but it's still pretty much the age of strategic nuclear weapons.


d3r3k said:
I just don't get weapons like that. They seem utterly wasteful. Nuclear-tipped torpedoes...Why?
Don't forget the technology at the time. In the 50s and 60s missle technology was, at best crude. The success of the missile only F-4s in Vietnam proved this. If the Soviet Union was to launch a bomber attack that we believed they were capable of, you can't afford to miss. Also, we believed that the Soviet bombers would attack in large fleets. So, using a nuclear rocket makes a fair bit of sense. For one you can miss by a huge margin and still destroy your target, and you can destroy multiple aircraft with a single missile. When every bomber that gets through can mean millions of casualties, you can't afford to miss.


PeteyG said:
The age of tactical nuclear weapons is over (for now?), but it's still pretty much the age of strategic nuclear weapons.
Well, we probably won't be deploying said weapons, hopefully, against anyone in the near future.


Two things one on railguns the other on nuclear weapons.

Railguns will be seen probably within our lifetimes, the Navy already has plans for the DDX *only thing holding em back is funding* the problem that will be overcome by these new ships is that in older ships mostly all the power created by ships goes into propulsion not leaving enough to fire a power hungry railgun the new DDX will be able to shift mostly all its power to fire the railgun.

Second Nuclear weapons are still very real and we have an ass ton the base I live on has more than I want to know. In my opinion nuclear weapons is what has kept us from going into another world war. You cant win in a nuclear war. Everybody dies, if you wanna see a very good representation of what will happen go rent "On the Beach"

The primary mission of a Trident Submarine is Deterence secodary is retaliation. They have enough power to wipe out every major city on earth 24 missiles carrying MIRV warheads I dont even know myself how many but its enough. And dont worry about safty and accidents they safeguard and perform maitnece all teh time Tridents are the most well maintained ships in the navy. You dont even wanna know how much it costs to maintain. Just to give you an idea the last submairne that had a minor collision cost you guys like 20-30 million... in parts tax money well spent :-P


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Busby, as usual you have some pretty interesting things to say... but PLEASE use some commas, they make texts more understandable. Don't stop posting, though. :)


well if memory serves the MIRV carries 12 independant warheads so 24X12=288 independant warheads. the problem being that you would have to target each MIRV for a different geographical area then each independant warhead for a different target.


gotta remember they dont have to be too accurate with these guys. Yeah my grammer is a lil bad, english was never my best subject. Another cool fact a Trident submarine is never out of contact for more than 90 seconds otherwise people get worried. They copy VLF over different means. So they are always ready to recieve the word to launch


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Small Nukes can be used to cause mass damage to relatively small areas. Such small nukes are quite useful because they don't do a lot of damage compared with massive ICMBs. They have cannons with nuclear bombs, nuclear torpedoes. Nowdays it's likely that if such weapons are ever used they would be missile guided, since this technology is far more affordable and reliable than on the 50's.