The pandora is an awesome thing


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What's the best handheld system to play your wing commander games on? Until last week I would've said the Shield Portable. Using dosbox it can Play Wing Commanders 1-4, Privateers 1&2, Armada, Academy, and I even got it running Prophecy although it was really slow.

I stand corrected. Why? This.

Hidden in the Pandora repo was Wing Commander Saga built for the Pandora. It's quite playable and controls quite well too as you could imagine. So not only does this play all of the games that the Shield can run, it can also play Saga. Not to mention Freespace 1&2 and the Babylon Project are available as well.

Where can I get one you ask? I'll have to disappoint you there. They're really at the end of their life span. You can pick one up on the pyra boards in the trading section, and ED might have a few more for sale in the future in the Dragonbox shop. So why did I post this you ask?

The successor to the Pandora, the Pyra, is at the end of its prototyping stages (prototypes already exist), and pre-orders are being taken now to start production in a few months. It's quite a bit faster than the Pandora and has LTE connectivity. Not to mention Debian will be the standard OS on the Pyra, with all that entails. Find more details on the Pandora's successor here.
[/End Shameless Solicitation For A Project I'm Excited About]


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I'm in the Pyra preorder queue too - so let's see how well the Wing Commanders will run in that one. My guess: Exceptionally well.