The Avalanche Has Already Started (August 10, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Just when we thought it was safe to adopt a format which allows us to put little thumbnails of any new screenshots right here on the front page, what do they do? Release 108 new Wing Commander Movie pictures, that's what. All garnered from the Official WC Movie Site, they're pretty dashed cool looking. Check them out in our WC movie picture archive. The new movie site was also updated with the below summary of the film's plot.
Based on the famous computer game series. The future - the Terran Confederation is in an epic war against the 'Kilrathi', a race of 7-foot, cat-like creatures determined to wipe us out. Christopher Blair is one of the Confederation's finest upcoming pilots and he and his wingmen are on their way to a fierce battle against the 'Cats'. However enroute they pick up a distressing message, and following it to its source they discover the Kilrathi have built a massive vessel with the power to destroy all life across a star system. The fate of the Confederation rests in the hands of these young pilots who must destory this vessel before it strikes any nearby populated systems.

Original update published on August 10, 1998
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