stuck on P3 nuclear streamer mission!!!


NapoleanAce said:
Sheesh, is this guy for real?
Um, it would appear not. Didja notice his callsign: "ghostalker"?

(think "vaporware", and you'll see the connexion...).

Sing with me:

"When he brags all the day
And he's talkin' trash
Who ya gonna call?

When his ego writes checks
That his body can't cash
Who ya gonna call?


Vice Admiral
Yeah, NapoleanAce you should take your own advice AND Kris'. Aparently you forgot to take your medication. :p


Mr. Standoff
This has got to be a record of some sort, though. The guy broke the "don't be stupid" rule by means of breaking the "don't create multiple profiles" rule, and then moved on to breaking the "the word of an admin is final" rule by not taking Kris' advice.


Stiletto: Will you look at the size of THAT!

Maniac: I hear that all the time!

Maestro: Sure, Maniac. And then you wake up.


Destroyer of assclowns
Man, if I was an admin (these fools should thank the heavens that I am not), I would have already taken the liberty to edit this guy's avatar, rank, signature, and profile to something humiliating :)


Mr. Standoff
I've been meaning to inquire about that lately. With the new change-your-own-avatar system, can't the admins force humiliating avatars upon stupid people anymore? I mean, a guy who comes here with a reference to Napoleon in his nickname, and then seems to believe he's somebody else is just asking for it.