Strike Commander Remake/RealSpace WC3/4/Armada Experiments


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Hi guys, I've been experimenting with Fabien's Strike Commander remake engine from:
I've been able to build the engine code (had to make some modifications to add includes etc) and now have a partial implementation of the Strike Commander engine running on Linux. I am able to view/rotate the Strike Commander fighters in the engine, as well as load a level which has terrain. I've tried to swap out the .TRE files for the WC3/4 ones, but it crashes. Swapping with the Privateer/Armada TRE files succeeds. I suspect that there's a different compression algorithm being used in 3/4. Once the TRE errors are corrected, should be able to start exploring remaking WC3/4 more fully.


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Sounds neat! shame he couldn't continue with the project himself, but I'm really glad to see his hard work won't go to waste.


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Here's some pics.


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Reminds me a lot of the ship viewer in Armada! It'd be neat to see WC ships in there.


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Yeah, I played it a bunch, but it's been a while and I didn't get too deep into it. I'm sure I've seen that before, but it was pushed far from my memory.


If you had to put 10 games on your bucket list, Strike would surely be one of them. Finish it if you ever get the opportunity.