strange enemy VDU

Aplha 1-1

OK first congrats on releasing episode 3, with global rankings to boot! Thats one way to make sure pilots log time in the sim eh? ;)

Now onto my point. Not sure if you lot or anybody else has noticed but sometimes in the Kitty Gauntlet I'm flying against Sartha that show up in my VDU with the Drakhri image. Just thought I'd give you a heads up on that.


Mission programmer
That's a bug that's been showing since Unknown Enemy, probably related to the DLL patch. We've been unsuccessfull in trying to pinpoint it yet.

The effect is you see the new ship that has just spawned with the VDU image (minus armor and shield sprites) of the last ship that was displayed.

Aplha 1-1

Ok then just thought I'd speak up about it which reminds me, on the flight deck for the strike mission where I choose between flying the Rapier or Gladius it has the option to return to the rec room, but from the rec room it says 'return to launch deck' but doesn't let me, only reloads the rec room.
Game itself works fine after a restart, skips the briefing and goes back to the flight deck.


Mr. Standoff
Hmmm, we had that working correctly at some point. We must have re-introduced that bug when we fixed a bug that was related to this one elsewhere.