Space Sim Options for Nintendo Switch Owners (October 8, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Nintendo shipped its new aptly named Switch (OLED Model) today, so we wanted to point out a few options for Wingnuts with the new console. These are all perfectly valid for existing owners of the prior revisions as well.

Space Commander: War and Trade is an interesting newcomer. It looks kind of like a modern combination of Wing Commander Arena and Privateer. The game employs a version of Arena's first person mode that sets up some fairly simplistic but engaging space combat. It's also a medium scale Privateer-style sandbox game, which is a novel pairing with this type of engine. The Nintendo World Reports review below describes how the economy isn't set up great, but it's hard to go wrong for just $10.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a fan favorite among Wingnuts. We've talked about it extensively in the past, and if you haven't tried it out on PCs or consoles to date, it's an easy recommendation. Regardless of your platform, it's the closest thing to a full fledged WC game released in the last couple years. There's so many easter eggs and throwbacks that you can practically convince yourself that you're playing a modern Privateer.

Nintendo World Reports helps out here again with an entire recap of 10+ games for space sim fans on the Switch - with old school WC fans in mind. They did a lot of research to highlight all of these, so check this out for sure!

Original update published on October 8, 2021