Space Sim First Look: Sins of a Solar Empire (March 27, 2008)

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Long Live the Confederation!
It's part thirty-nine of our hopefully never-ending series of Space Sim First Looks. Up for preview today is the recently released (and wonderfully named) Sins of a Solar Empire, a space-based 4X strategy game for Windows that's getting some positive buzz from members of this community.
The official line says:
Explore the Epic Scale of a Dynamic Galaxy
Explore and conquer neighboring planets and distant solar systems in a massively scaled, fully 3D galaxy featuring planets, clusters of asteroids, rare comets and radiant stars.

Customize and Improve Powerful Units.
As battle hardened capital ships advance in level, their core offensive and defensive systems are improved and their unique abilities are unlocked. Try out the devastating Raze Planet, the tactical Clairvoyance and the hull ravaging Phase Missile Swarm.

Take on Multiple Roles
Transition between the roles of emperor and fleet commander as you zoom-in seamlessly to direct a crucial battle while managing the rest of your empire effortlessly on the same screen.

Extensive Diplomatic and Economic Strategies
Diplomatic and economic strategies can exercise a variety of options including forging and breaking alliances, trading resources, placing bounties on backstabbing ex-allies and over-powered tyrants, blockading enemy planets, establishing trade routes and manipulating the commodities market.
A demo is available for download here

Original update published on March 27, 2008
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Add the right emblems to the red colored ships and they would become Kiowen pirate Capships. Perhaps it could be modded?
From what I hear, the game already has some notable modding teams from HW2 making stuff for it. I think that's a good sign for the modding community.

Anyways I just ordered this game. I think it'll be one that I quite enjoy.


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Just picked this game up. Haven't played it yet, but studying the manual revealed an interesting fact. One of the carrier classes is named the Halcyon class.

After I have a chance to really explore the game, I'll post a write up of my opinions on the gameplay.


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haha, of course :p

I did know that, but still, it's interesting to at least wonder if maybe it's a hidden tribute...maybe.