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I'm confused too, but I think he's referring to the fact that the Kilrathi wingman in Armada was named Danthrax.


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Okay... here's a very nifty trivia question for you PC WC players.
In the first two WC games, the roll left and roll right keys were the 'ins' and 'del' key on the keypad. Perhaps it would be easier for the keyboard pilots.

Anyway, the first Privateer game dealth with this issue by using the 'home' and 'pg up' keys instead of those two bottommost keys on the keypad.

Anyway... the 'ins' and 'del' key remained a still used function for rolls... (except for Priv2, which doesn't support keyboard flight) but the last Wing Commander game, Prophecy and Secret Ops... still uses the 'ins' and 'del' and also two other keys for the Roll function.

What two keys are those?

(sorry for the long sentence)


-Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka
-James "Paladin" Taggart
-Zachary "Jazz" Colson
-Etienne "Doomsday" Montclair
-Ian "Hunter" St. John
-Michael "Iceman" Casey
-Todd "Maniac" Marshall
-Joseph "Knight" Khumalo


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Slawter's answer is missing Chen "Bossman" Kien and Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux... now someone can answer NapoleanAce's question, I don't feel like making a new one :p


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NapoleanAce said:
What is the unique characteristic of the guns on the J'rathek medium fighter?
There really isn't anything unique about them. Nonetheless, the answer you're probably looking for is that the photon guns are the only Kilrathi gun approaching the effectiveness of the reaper cannons.


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ChanceKell said:
Wait.. The wingmate question hasn't been fully answered..

My 2-part question seems to have stumped people. I will explain the answer.

Danthrax was the Kilrathi wingman from Armada. If Danthrax was a Weapon of Mass Destruction, he would be anthrax.

Who would be the commander of the group sent to deal with the threat posed by this WMD? Commander Winston Turner, who led a commando team to deal with terrorists who had gotten ahold of some anthrax derivative C, and were planning on using it (Action Stations).

So the answer was Winston Turner.


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It was kinda hard if you didn't remember about the whole commando team think from Action Stations... sorry.

But it wasn't ambiguous.


The ship was attempting to neutralize its shields with wide-band radiation.

What Kilrathi clan owned a large number of the frontier colonies?