Sheffiel dealy.

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Yes, i'm going to open this thread here. If somethings not right, it should be corrected. I'd forgotten about that. It's a minor fix, and should be made. Accuracy, accuracy is key. Don't go closing something because you don't want to be nit picky. I am also the art director, art decisions got through me. Unless you ignored that bit.

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It did seem like a weird thread closer - but it's Spirit's project right now, and we should respect that.
oops ^^; sorry. I'm going to reopen it, I honestly thought it was done with... I promised I'd never delete anyone's posts, and I was trying to clean up a little.

now to figure out how to reopen a thread @_@;
okies, i reopened that thread... now i'm going to close this one.... i want to close a thread dammit! i want to feel the power for once! :p
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