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Seether's Confed Rank is not the point. He was outranked by Paulsen, so what? What made him powerful is that he was the leader of the Black Lance.

When Tolwyn tells him to take care of Blair and leaves the deck, he has that weird villain look on his face, like he would give Tolwyn the Paulsen treatment if convenient. As simple as it was his character, Seether enjoyed power and seemed confortable on that place.


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Delance said:
Seether's Confed Rank is not the point. He was outranked by Paulsen, so what? What made him powerful is that he was the leader of the Black Lance.

Paulsen and Seether held pretty much the same nominal rank.


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Delance said:
That still didn't allow Seether to open his throat.

Considering how, as Tolwyn's designated "hatchet man", Seether was trying to spark an interstellar war, I really doubt he was all that concerned about the legality of killing Paulsen...

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Given that the Black Lance forces are a parody of the SS from WW2, it can be seen how Seether could jump from whatever rank he was to the highest echelon by comparing that to how many in the Nazi party rose rapidly in power and were able to get away with commiting atrocities in the name of their party. Hitler, for instance, went from being a homeless man to leader of Germany in a rather short time frame and got away with plenty of atrocities. Many of his henchman did the same.
Seether's rank in Confed doesn't coincide with his rank under Tolwyn since he was the poster boy for Tolwyn's GE movement. According to Tolwyn's movement, Seether was the ultimate member of the movement and THE example of things to come. He was much more important ("higher ranking") than Paulsen.


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I would agree he is bit of a poster boy, all round bad guy who little respect for the command but shows deference to Tolwyn but then he started the whole GE program and all


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The way that's phrased, it sounds like you're saying Seether started the GE program.


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The "Mister" modifier is a term used for junior officers. Best case of it being used is in Wing Commander Academy series, when Tolwyn would call Maverick "Mister Blair". Sometimes when a poor junior officer gets reprimanded, they like slurring the Mister modifier, as if it's some sort of profane statement. Like this example . . .

"Mister H****, you are a piece of fucking shit, sir. Go get wet."

Chief Warrant Officers, in the Navy, are technicial specialists in their field. It's not really a specialized officer rank for stuff like JAG, or Supply, or Chaplain (that's Restricted Line Officers). You have to be at least a Chief (E-7) before you can put in a package for Warrant. I have the highest respect for Chief Warrant Officers, cause they see both sides of the coin.

I don't know about the other services, but Navy wise, we just call them Warrant or Chief Warrant, "Hey Warrant, I got a question . . ." Certainly don't call them just "Chief", cause they used to be Chiefs before getting picked up for Warrant and they'll take offense to it. I learned this the hard way one day; I had to stay behind for some "extracurricular activities" after the day was done and ended up doing about five-hundred 8-count bodybuilders for my punishment.

Also, best thing to remember is that the Black Lance is a Special Ops unit. Rank is very very less defined between seniors and subordinates, to the point of fraternization. A person will be tapped to lead an operation or a unit based on his merits and reputation, not by rank.