Russian fan translate WC3


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A big fan project has been uploaded a few days ago. Russian fans have done a great job of multi-voice. Several guys and girls have created a video based on this great game with a multi-voice Russian translation. In the mid-90s, the game was a rare guest among children. It required an expensive computer or game console. But those who managed to play it were very impressed. And now the game can be viewed in the great and mighty Russian language with multi-voiced dubbing.

Videos collected in the film. Used HD pack from ODVS + unique videos from the 3DO version

Walkthrough of the game 3DO version without voiceover

Another Russian walkthrough.
With full immersion in the game. Lots of positive emotions.

*The Russian language is more complex and expressive than English. Comrade Chekhov (ST) will confirm this.:)
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