RPG Activity Booms in Gemini Sector (December 3, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Today we'd like to share a couple of the newest mission briefings that Rear Admiral Tarsus has put together for the Gemini Sector RPG. These folks have come a very long way since the MUD/MUSH era! Cool animations like this help spice up the live Discord role play sessions that they hold most weekends. Visit their site or hop on the Discord if you'd like to learn more and jump in yourself. If you're read all this and are still interested, check out some of EmuMusicFan's fiction inspired by the RPG. The team is also crowdsourcing NPC character creation to further round out the universe.

I finished the briefing for the next mission in the rpg. Mark your calendars.

The pilots will attempt a daring rescue of two destroyers and the true aces of the majestic. Will things go according to plan, or will a sneaky enemy ace ruin their day?

The intrepid team of pilots will go on an intell mission to find out more about this new tactical carrier that has been spotted in the Nitir system.

Original update published on December 3, 2021