Release date announcement #3!


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Standoff's third episode is coming...

January 8th, 2006.


Wonderful! Thanks to the whole team for all of their hard work! I'm very excited to play the next episode!


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Yeah, 2006 will be a really incredible year for Wing Commander.

Is there a higher resolution picture of the blurry Sabre?


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Yeah, it is motion-blurred... and no, Eder only rendered it in 320x240 (he was in a hurry... and besides, we always seem to have a 320x240 picture in our release announcement). I would imagine that once we have all five episodes done, Eder might be able to spare some time to render a few hi-res images for wallpapers and such... but at this particular time, that's not really an option.

BTW, there's a little bit more detail about this announcement on the Standoff website - so, that's the place to visit if you're wondering about what we've still got left to do, why we're not releasing for Christmas, and all of life's other big questions ;).


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The Blurry Sabre is something I came up with in a hurry so Q could announce the release in time for christmas... my screen exploded (yes, really) a couple days ago and I'm currently using a borrowed monitor which likes to display everything in yellow and flicker every now and then.

Thus, being basically half-blind here, I decided to overblur instead of underblur and just stay on the safe side. :p

Not to mention that parts of that Sabre aren't actually textured, or are mis-mapped - notice a little red blip above the 2nd engine from the right? That's not supposed to be there, it's one of the red lights from under the front winglets as shown in WC2 takeoff scenes. :p


OH YES!!!! I don't normally reply just lurk but YES!!!!!!!!!!! I need to state my enthusiasm! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!


This is... absoultely exciting... I was just playing around with the simulator yesterday, wondering when the new episode would be unveiled... I've gotta say, I love the ITS-less fighters... not because I don't like the ITS (I love it), but because it just brings older WC games to mind. Flying those ships in the campaign is going to be awesome.


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So close, but still failed *sigh*. Really would have liked to see a christmas release for E3. But we really need those few remaining days to ensure a bugfree release.


HEY! What a coincidence! That is the same day I go back to the university. I will probably be able to download on the first day of release. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I mean yes as in I won't have to wait any longer than most anybody else will.

And yes, 2006 looks like a good year indeed for WC. Imagine, this time next year, Flight Commander should have lots of new features and very capable AI. Also Standoff will be complete and maybe...just maybe...Ranger's Glory will be...

approaching some milestone---I am just too optimistic, I guess.


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Iceblade said:
Imagine, this time next year, Flight Commander should have lots of new features and very capable AI.
Don't count your chickens before they've hatched :). Looking forward to the new standoff.


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Look at me - it has now been Christmas day for a whole 9 minutes in Sao Paulo, and I'm home working on Standoff! :p


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Hehe, I managed to go a whole day yesterday without touching Standoff. Can I manage it again today? Only time will tell :p.


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I guess I am also hopeless; even though I didn't work on Standoff for the last 24 hours, I keep cheking my emails frenetically just in case someone would have reported a bug for me to fix :p


On a related note (different project though): I didn't work on Ranger's Glory all day today (Dec 25) or yesterday for that matter--unless you count compiling the RG christmas package and cursing at dial-up to get said package uploaded! :mad:

And I only just got it uploaded like five minutes ago. :eek: It is already an hour and 23 minutes into Dec 26! :( :(


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6th of January, not much time left now ;). We're still busy as heck testing the game in search of last-minute bugs to kill, but overall, I'd say we're winning this fight.

...And check out that progress page. So... blue. So very blue.

BTW, if you're waiting for this one and have some time to spare before the release, I'd suggest getting some practice in the sim. You might find it more useful than you can imagine :).

Also, if anybody's wondering, the magic number for this episode is 460. Most of the generic pilot voiceovers are in by now, so the episode ended up with less voiceovers than either of the previous episodes - but that still means the grand total is now well over 1500.