Quick Sketch: Ferret


This was a quick sketch to help me get back into drawing. I imagine it as a Ferret pilot just about to go on patrol, and is reviewing his waypoints. I realize the Ferret isn't really scaled right, and the hands are a little funky, but I thought you all would enjoy it anyway.

Those are the Drathilis stenciled beneath the cockpit, and it says "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty," on the nose.



Alex Von T.
cool! I always like seeing stuff like this! Pretty Awesome.

you ought to try a trick I used to use pretty often, print that picture out (so you don't mess up the original) then try various ink and color schemes on the printout until you find one you like.

its a neat little cheat that yields some very neat results from time to time.

another thing you might try (if you can) is to scan it as black and white text, sometimes this takes the pencil lines and bolds them and gets rid of any background noise you don't want. this can be less useful, but it is neat when it works.


Rogue Leader
I'm only just learning about sketch scanning techniques myself. I've attached a few progress images which might be of help.

  1. The first step I made was to convert to grey-scale: This eliminates the blue shading of the paper that the scanner introduced from not being properly white-balanced.
  2. Next step is to normalise the image so you're making the most of the dynamic range possible.
  3. Then you can play around with colour levels (to remove non-whiteness in the paper and emphasise the pencil sketching) and use that as starting point from which to add ink, colours, etc.


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