Prophecy don't work

Hello. I'm happy that there is still a WC-Community. Now my problem:
When I want to start Prophecy, there is a fault. He says:
Language Manager::loadSection: no section <(null)> found for language <german> in file <warnings>

Can somebody please help me. The last time the game works without problems :(
Ooook... What kind of system do you use? Have you applied any of the patches that would be needed (Voodoo, Win2k)? Can you run the game in english, instead of german?
My System:
AMD Athlon 1000
389 MB RAM
SB Audigy
GeForce 2 TI

I Think I can run Prophecy only in german.
I don't have installed any patches.


Vice Admiral
What the error says is that it's looking for the stuff it needs to display German, but it's not finding it. Do you have the German version? I think you can also download a German language pack from .
This is a good idea. If the cumputer is asking something, there is not standing "Ja" and "Nein" on the buttons, but "Yes" and "No". I've got the german Windows...

Thank's a lot, but I've got still a question. The country is "Deutschland(Germany)" .

Do you have the link to the german language pack?
I'm very sorry, but I'm too silly to find it. I think I need the direct link.
Do somebody has downloaded it and can send it to me?