Privateer 2 joystick not working




I installed privateer 2 and got it to work fine with win98 compatibility mode

however my joystick wont work no matter what i do, it works fine with dosbox and other games but not this game.

Im using a Logitech Attack 3 USB joystick, (and if it helps WinXP SP2) any help will be apreciated



Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Yeah, that joystick isn't going to work as you have it set up now. Best bet is probably to try DOSBox which will translate the input from your current stick into something Privateer recognizes. Even the Windows 95 upgrade/version probably wouldn't accept it.

Will a digital joystick work in this game?

Answer: No. This game uses the same analog calibration routines as the DOS version. Privateer 2: Deluxe will not read the joystick values properly. Sticks include: Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro, Wingman Extreme Digital, Microsoft Force Feedback, Microsoft Precision Pro.