Please tell me this mod is not dead


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Mmmmhhmmmm... Well I also know some mod makers. They worked on it despite the "pestering" (wtf is pestUring?) and now they're making money off it to boot. In case you're wondering, the people I knew made Day of Defeat. One little Ghost is hardly going to cause a delay. And, as stated, anyone who quits because someone is cranky probably wasn't going to finish anyway.


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If Bob's anything like me in terms of modder habits(well, except for the bear-like "if you(the community) play dead the bear(me) will wander off" bit that Wildcat and I went through with Invasion), He ought to continue on. He's getting lots of feedback, nearly all of it good. Besides, Bob here's stuck with projects when most people scratched thier heads and wondered if the team was still alive... and produced some killer work behind the cloak of silence.