PC Live Arcade due early November 2007


Mr Kat says...
And it's dubbed internally at Microsoft as "Vega" -- a sign of things to come on the Arena front? ;)

Joystiq have the news:
joystiq said:
Internally labeled as "Vega" (possibly referring to the star and not the Street Fighter weirdo), the service is expected to launch in early November with 10-20 games. The portfolio of Live-enabled casual titles will match the taxonomy of Xbox Live Arcade and hopes to be bolstered by 2-4 new games every month following launch. Potential users will be funneled to the service from numerous Microsoft outlets, including MSN Games and the official Xbox website. Much like Live Anywhere, Vega contributes to Microsoft's goal of spreading the Live experiencing across multiple linked platforms -- and likewise aims to entice more and more people with Live subscriptions.




Alex Von T.
I don't know whether or not it is good news for Wing Commander, but it is definitely good news!

It'll be interesting to see what develops!


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There's also no indication that the PC live arcade is in anyway compatable with the xbox version. Most likely the developers will still need to Port the controls and whatnot over to the PC version meaning that a PC version of Arena is neither inevitable nor instantaneous once the PC live arcade goes... er, Live.