P2 is Back!

I do so love this game!!!

Now my joystick works, the trading is great, I like the amosphere... Hell I don't know why I didn't buy it when it came out... :)

Though I got one gameplay question.
I you fire at a CIS ship by accident, and they turn hostile towards you... now what do you do? Reload? I guess there is no way to make up with those guys again?

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Oddly, alliances aren't permanent in Privateer 2 - if you make the CIS angry, they're only angry until you land and take off again.
Oh... Damn... never dared to risk it. As soon as I made them angry I started fighting everything I met until they got me. Then I reloaded...
Thanks... :)


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I have to say...all though that option made the game less realistic, I really did appreciate it.

It was always very difficult (at least for me flying with a trackball mouse) to avoid scattering a few bursts of fire at a CIS Ship when I was chasing after a Kindred fighter. And let's face it, who could pass up the 50CR bonus for killing a Kindred Fighter? If your destination is far enough away you could make more killing pirates on your way to the other side of the galaxy then you would on the cargo run.

At any rate, I've never had any luck getting P2 to run on any of my systems. I'm not entirely sure why. I still have all my disks and I would love to play it again, but either the sound doesn't work, or the joystick doesn't work, or the thing just plain won't run.

Maybe I'll have to try it again and solicit some help from the Tech support forum.
Mine works fine now. I had a thread at the tech section running about using an usb joystick which might help you. I always thought the easiest way to get the game run is this: Install it in dosbox and then put the winpatch over it and play it in windows. Not sure if you have to set it on win95 compatibility mode, but i guess so.... good luck