Old Republic Timeline


So I'm watching the Star Wars: The Old Republic's timeline videos. In the first one it has a WC Fleet Action esq theme.

Where the Sith Empire, made peace with the Republic, and then later launched a surprise attack on the capitol city/planet.

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It's a pretty common story element.

As it goes, though, I think Fleet Action has a more interesting spin--with the peace being declared to give the Kilrathi room to recover rather than simply to set up for a surprise attack.

Compare that to the much goofier StarLancer story where the evil (Space Russians?) military plans revolve around pretending to have a treaty signing ceremony and then ambushing everyone who comes to it.


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And Starlancer, in turn, stole that goofy plot idea from the original Battlestar Galactica, where in "Saga of a Star World" (pilot), the Cylons attack and annihilate most of the Colonials while the colonies are rejoicing over a new peace accord.


Well Pearl Harbor was different in a sense, since we were never at war with the Japanese before hand. Not they asking for a peace treaty and then proceeding to blast it into itty bitty pieces.


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We actually were in a cold war with Japan, where we had specifically stopped selling them oil due to the atrocities they were doing in China - which would be the same thing as if the Saudi's stopped selling us oil. Plus Japan was in a state of imperial expansionism. It was very close to a state of conflict. Otherwise nobody would need to discuss peace or truces or treaties.