Odd Bug



The game looks lovely, good work.

When I try to play the game my ship keeps spinning counter clockwise, it happens as soon as the game starts. At first I thought it was something to do with the game being in joystick operation mode, but I switched it to mouse and had a little control, but it keeps spinning regardless. Any Ideas?

Also In the training mission when the instructor takes control of the arrow, he grinds it into the "runway".

I can live with a few wee glitches, but if I can't control the ship I can't play :(



is is possible that you have connected a joystik ?

I had the same problem. Then i set the joystick death zone ingame higher and the problem was fixed.

If do you dont have connected a joystick i cant help you and throw this issue to the Devs *gg* ;)



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well, sometimes joystick isn't correctly recognized. To fix this quit the game. Disconnect your joystick. Connect it again to your usb port. Start the launcher and check if your joystick is selected. Fire up the game.


Theres the mouse and a saitek gamers keyboard. I have had issues with the keyboard and one other game, that being Planetside. Apparently some games don't know what to do with a Human Interface Device.

I haven't had a joystick since the commodore days :p


gh0d (Administrator)
It was in reply to the comment by "Unregistered" about not having a joystick since the Commodore days.

However, -5 intarwebs on MajorCamKollent for perpetuating the internet's misuse of "ironically". There's nothing ironic about Commodore making a comeback, in this or any other context.