New Installation Scripts Streamline Setup on Linux (November 24, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Today is Goku's birthday. I'm not sure what you got him, but he got something for you! A couple months ago we reported on a clever script automation that helped players streamline the installation of Prophecy on Linux systems. He's now finished running through the rest of the GOG catalog and building similar scripts for each of the DOS Wing Commander games. Kilrathi Saga is also in work. If you own a copy of the GOG Wing Commander games and haven't gotten around to setting them up on your Linux rig, now's the perfect opportunity to give this a try. Download each program from the CIC Forums here and let him know how it goes! And Happy Birthday Goku!

Got around to doing the rest of the series. Please try them out and let me know how it goes. They are written specifically for the GOG versions of the games. The DOS games have a custom interface to allow for multiple options and ease of use. Working on Kilrathi Saga currently, but I hope this will suffice!

Original update published on November 24, 2021