New Gladius Model


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Instead of posting this in cyb's thread, i decided to open a new thread. Here's the progress i've made so far on the new Gladius model. Hope ya'll like her.

Brad Mick



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Hi Brad, some comments:

1. How many polys?
2. Will we see it ingame?
3. Have you convinced Cyberion to use it for the splash screen?
4. For this one time, the background isn't too dark.
5. Droooooool.....


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as of right now, the tri count stands at 2527. which means, since i'm keeping them under 8k polys, i can add more to the cockpit and make her look nicer. although, the guns are going to shoot it up a bit....damned cylinders :(

thanks fo the comments guys.

as to your other questions critical, no idea, except for will be in game.

Brad Mick




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what can i say:

1. I suck at the modeling... :(

2. Good model

3. On the original splash screen it looks different, you are making more of the ingame one type, than splash screen type (that's my point anyway)

4. Ya, i'll use it in the splash screen, why not. If i used Brad's centurion, now we may make it complete scene of Brad's models (except the planet and lasers, they are MINE!!!! heehehehhe) do not forget to texture the model btw ;)

5. thought that i could write the 5th one to look like a smartass, but failed ;)

P.S. and why noone said that my model is nice :( was risking my neck, modeling at work heeheheheh) well probably cause it's not.


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its not that your model isn't good mate. things to work on and keep in mind at all times:

First, greeble logically. Think about the object you're modeling. If its a fighter, then it will not have all of these really high raised panels, or a lot of protrusions jutting up and out. The idea in designing and modeling a sci-fi fighter is to make it believable. how is this acheived? well, its acheived through incorporating a LOT of elements of real aircraft and aircraft design. study the hell out of some airplanes, and really focus on applying that to your work. also, if you're trying to re-create something, go for accuracy, don't add things which aren't there. generally (and really true for WC ships) if you model them exactly, the detail is there. they did a great job in designing. i mean, look at any modern aircraft. the panel lines are very very small, and have nearly no height. everything is flush, its that aerodynamic deal. granted, theres no wind in space. but the look has to be there in order for your audience to believe it.

Second, don't down yourself, think 'okay. i know now what it is i have to do', and do it. you have potential out the wazoo man. keep your chin up, and apply things. when people comment on what does and does not look realistic, or accurate, or proper, don't keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Now, my final thing. And its the key thing I harp on the most...which is why i'm re-iterating it here. Model Accurately. Don't shrug off blue prints, or say 'well, it looks wierd here'. don't second guess a design. they don't change stuff from point a to point b. its the same model. the shot i'm posting up here will prove this to you, and everyone else. that's the top of the ship looking into the cockpit. anyway, keep your chin up mate. and seriously keep all of this in mind, and apply it. turn that potential full force into cranking out insanely high res models!

Brad Mick




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those last 2 images, the model is not mine. forgot to clarify that. i didnt model it, its what i'm using to create the new gladius from though.

Brad mick