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Wulf said:
Heck yeah, buddy! You can't go wrong with a Hellcat.
Indeed - you can't go wrong with a Hellcat, because it just doesn't get any wronger than a Hellcat :D.

Bandit LOAF said:
You are correct, there is already a Super Ferret. The P-64D is introduced in Special Operations 1. It features a pair of Javelins and "new control systems".
The "new control systems" was a weird thing... it changed the Ferret's YPR from 8/9/8 to 8/8/9. Some improvement...


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but then what does not cost confed taxpayers more credits......
now why could they build a another fighter similiar the the role of the hellcat!?!?


Who the hell wants a fighter like the hellcat, the best thing on it was the view out of the cockpit. My fav casual craft in WC3 was the Thunderbold, durable, and a big Punch, speed is mostly useless in the offical Wing Commander game(Unkown Enemy speed was sometime really useful).


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Both the Arrow and the Thud were better machines than the Hellcat. The 3 bacis fighters were slight variations on the same theme, and the Thud was a hell lot stronger while the Arrow was faster, more agile and had better missiles to boot. I rarely, if ever, chose the 'Cat over any of the other two. The Arrow had a better chance against Corvettes than the Hellcat, btw, because it was too nimble and had shelton slide.

The AMG (or was it a tachyon) on the Corvette's rear would chew up a hellcat very quickly... For it had neither the thud's strength of shields and weaponry nor the Arrows ability to kill the turrets while avoiding the fire.


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Edfilho said:
Both the Arrow and the Thud were better machines than the Hellcat.
A bathtub with engines would be a better machine than a Hellcat, though.

Ok, I know, it's getting old. I'll shut up now :p.


I preferred the T-Bolt over any ship in WC-III, 'cept for perhaps the Excalibur; but even so, the T-Bolt could get you through almost any mission.


Personally, I took the Arrow when I needed speed (such as the Skipper Missile mission), and the Thud the rest of the time (except when I needed multiple torps, which meant the Longbow). The problem with the Hellcat is that you sacrifice too much speed and agility over the Arrow (100/200 kps and 20/30/20 dps) in exchange for too little firepower and protection (20 armor, 20 shields, 120 gun damage vs. 96, and you carry two missiles less). Compared to the Thud, you sacrifice too much firepower (270+ gun damage vs. 120) in exchange for too little speed and agility (40/200 kps and 10/10/10 dps). The WCIV Hellcat with its Particle Guns (for 144 gun damage instead of 120) would have been better balanced between the two.


In PC Games, there are only weak starter ships, a super prototyp for the endgame, and a bomber class ship. No Light, Medium or Heavy, or the Arrow would be really fast (900 kph), the Hellcat would be faster too, and better weapon, and those Heavys would be meat for Light and Medium Fighters, but would tear bombers apart, or anything which get's infront of it's guns.

I want a redesing Wing Commander, were Light is Light and Heavy is Heavy *dream*