New crowdfunding record incoming?


Rear Admiral
To raise $32 million, they will have to! As great as the concept and technology look, $775 is more than my budget for my Star Citizen computer. It's a great idea for a portable computer, though. Under DosBox for Linux, it should be able to run all the Wing Commander games except Prophecy.


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
I thought the whole point of Indiegogo was that you could choose to get the money even if you didn't hit the goal (or built something against the Kickstarter rules). Who in the hell checked the box to only get anything if they hit $32 million? I guess if $32 million is actually what they needed....

On a related note, here's an interesting article published today on what happens when a Kickstarter almost doubles its goal, but then doesn't produce anything. Kind of a fascinating article... it's fairly balanced from both perspectives. The comments are clearly slanted against the guy.


Vice Admiral
Well, if you chose that option, and don't make the cut, Indiegogo charges you 9%. If you hit the goal, they only charge you 4%. If they don't get the $32M, that would mean over a million dollars for Indiegogo.

Personally, I don't like indiegogo purely because they charge you immediately. They refund you if it doesn't make it, but anyone who knows if you do a currency conversion, that's a good way to give the banks free money (around 5% or more, depending on how the currency fluctuates). Kickstarter only charges when it goes through.


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
I suppose that could be valid on currency conversions, but if no conversion is involved, it seems cleaner to do it the Kickstarter way. With the Indiegogo way, "the banks" get free money by holding onto your money for up to a month or so until the campaign ends. :)