Need Input for my scifi company


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Guys, I need some input for my science fiction-based company.

Here's a brief summary of the company overview.

INASCIFI is the Indonesian Science Fiction company.

We're not a fictional company.

We've just happen to produce and publish things related to the speculative literature genre known as 'science fiction'.

Inascifi was founded in 2009 by Arvin Nathanael Chandra. Along with Daisy and Raddhi, Inascifi aims to promote the awareness toward science fiction (sci-fi) and the benefit of understanding the genre.

Our first project this coming June is to get the Fiksilmiah magazine published and sold for Indonesians sci-fi fans and readers.

To support this magazine, Inascifi alongside the Indonesian Science Fiction community (ISF) will maintain the website. We aim to have the discussion forums, blogs and community websites online by this coming May.

For more questions, please contact us at or visit us .