Need a clarification on capship types (UE)


In the final UE mission, The Eisen carrier group jumps in if you create an opening for question is what types of ships are those that jump in-system? I think the Eisen is a Concordia-class (don't remember where i heard that) but its wo escort ships i don't remember seeing anywhere. What are they? And did UE's desginer's create those ships from scratch or did they import them from WC4 maybe?


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The Eisen is a Vesuvius class carrier, and the other ships are Murphy class destroyers.:)
AFAIK, all of them are present in Secret Ops...


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I get the impression (based on you calling the Eisen Concordia-class) that you might be talking about the end-game cutscene, where we see the Concordia-class Princeton and the rest of the BW fleet jumping into Tyr. The other ships in that scene are Tallahassee-class cruisers.

(but if you're only talking about the Eisen in M10, then... what Dyret said; we used only existing SO models for those)