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Any idea when the score for STAR TREK X is coming out... I found out that Jerry Goldsmith :( is doing the music, I was just wondering if you heard anything since you are also into show music. I was sorta hoping for someone else to write the music for NEMESIS, someone like James Horner... He was really awesome with the Music for STAR TREK 2 and 3.

Horner. Ugh. In all his scores you can hear two things:

1.) That metallic drum
2.) The ST2 string de/crescendo

Generally, movie scores hit shelves 2 weeks prior to the film. Goldsmith "ownz" pretty much every damned composer in Hollywood.

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Loozer: All right, another STP fan!

P.S.: Perry Farrell--the ugliest man in rock.

I'm not sure who that is... but he can't be *too* ugly... as he's only one letter away from Deep Space Nine's Terry Farrell.


There are uglier pictures, but here's one.


Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell--the ugliest man in rock.


I got in this late, but i've got the worst taste in music in the entire world...

I'm a big fan of Disco and Funk, and hardcore Metal....
Me, I'm varied. I like classical-- technically, barouque, romantic, and modern. Love Saint-Saans and Stravinsky. I also like COC, Venom, KDFM, and all those grunge bands of my early teen years:) By the by, Perry Farrel was pretty cool in Doom Generation.

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First a shitload of Belgian bands I wish to promote:

rock (kinda soft): Arid (try "you are"),dEUS,K's Choice,Camden,Hooverphonic,Lemon(hard to find, but real good single: "will I see you?"),Soulwax

metal/emocore/undefined (hard,raw stuff,lotsa emotion, no pure screamin' though):.Calibre (notice the dot), The Spirit that guides us (real hard to find too)

punk/punkrock:flatcat,janez detd, red zebra(very old)

And the rest of course: papa roach (god they rule), Rival Schools (my god they rule even bigger), Weezer, Metallica, Rammstein, System of a down, Tool, Therapy?, the Dropkick Murphys (they're Irish. Gotta love 'em for that at the very least)... well, I kinda like everything rock.

Oh, and I also like that new band N*E*R*D and their single "Rock Star". 's real good.


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Red hot chilli peppers and Radiohead are definately my favorite bands of the moment...... drugs and insanity do wonderful things to some musicians...

And I dont mind some dark progressive either.


Classical, especially music of the romantic period, choral music, and irish music, not the new aged stuff, but rather the folk songs, like danny boy and the scottish soldier, and joaquin rodrigo and manuel de falla.