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I want to change the music when I move from room to room. I've tried:


I can't seem to figure out where in the gameflow.xml I should put it. I've placed it in different parts of the room I am going in to, but the default music keeps on playing.

Should I be placing this in a different XML?


Strange. I would have thought the gameflow file would be at least campaign if not mission specific. Can one be done that is campaign specific like <campaignname>.campaign.gameflow.xml or entered as an entry inside the campaign.xml file?

As far as I can tell, music can't be changed when going from room to room. One thing that I think might be useful would be rooms script functions similar to how navpoints and ships work (entering, exiting and during functions possible). Of course more gameflow lua functions would be needed (like play music).

I think I'll add that to these to the issues page actually.


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So there's a couple of places.

Here in gameflow.xml

<music debriefing_good_music="wc1-debriefgood.mp3" debriefing_bad_music="wc1-debriefbad.mp3" background_sound="gameflow_chatter.mp3" default_music="fcgameflow.mp3" />

The other option is to call

Gameflow_setBackgroundSound(string mp3filename);

from within a gameflow script. Gameflow scripts are documented here :

If those don't do what you want, add a feature request.